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Golden Freebies

Check out these freebies so you can slay your systems today.
Simply click the images to download yours!


Square POS Video

Password:   dl0W.0GS

Video for POS - How to do a client sale




Everything about the dashboard via internet browser 

Planning for the unknown.jpg

Planning for the Unknown

PDF on planning for the unknown

Modern Minimalist Business Card.png

Know Your Numbers (Break Even)

Knowing your break even numbers are really important.


Square Appointments Video

Passcode: dl0W.0GS

Video for Appointments - Everything on how to make and book appointments via the app


Video on what to do when your system goes down...

Passcode:   .i9RW4SA

Social media ideas.png

Salon Content Ideas

Salon ideas for social media

Excel Spreadsheet.jpg

Excel Spreadsheet

Make the end of the year easy with this excel spreadsheet for your income and expenses

Please make a copy and save to your google drive. Don't edit this copy.

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