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Accountability, Authenticity, Connection, Integrity, Relatability !


Welcome to Gold Society,

Hi, I'm Michelle Golden!
I am a hairstylist & consulting coach in Iowa.

I help stylists create a successful version of themselves through...

Accountability & Relatability:
By providing many proven methods & resources that have helped me grow and contiune to grow into a 6 figure stylist.

Connection & Integrity:
I know you can get there too, 
Through The Planner/Workbook, Membership with 1:1 consulting, My free worksheets or
in person business meetups

I will help you to your goals no matter if it’s a six-figure income, ins and outs of everything Square POS/Appointments, knowing your numbers or just finding six extra hours to focus on your life.

What you see is what you get. "IOWA NICE" is actually a real thing! I'm not one who likes the spot light and want others to succeed because when I first started out as a hairstylist I didn't have someone in my corner cheering me on.
I want to be that for you!

 If we have never met before, hey!

I've been a stylist behind the chair since 2007.


I specializing in turning those Pinterest Color & Extensions inspirations into reality!


I'm the owner of Michelle Golden Hairstylist in Ankeny Iowa.


When I started in the industry I always felt like I didn't quite fit in.

I was told that I would never make it and I wasn't good enough.

Honestly I believed them until I found my tribe.


See my whole hairstylist career I have always thought that stylist should help each other not be a bully and a mean girl.


That's where I come in!

I'm your cheerleader, your mentor, the one who will help you achieve your goals without any judgement. Just ask the many stylist who nominated and voted for me as 2020 Thriver of the Year!

Because of my hard work and detication I recently joined the 3X Club in Thrivers Society

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